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My Lists Screen

This screen will display the lists you created or imported through iTunes. Your lists can be managed inside iTunes. Connect the device, select it and choose Apps. Scroll down to Filesharing and you will see Big Lister. When you select Big Lister all your lists will be shown. If you are going to Ohio, for instance, you may want to remove all the other lists except for Magee Marsh, Ohio list. (Don't forget to save them first). You can then create a new list for each day that you are there without cluttering up your screen with lists you are not using in Ohio.

The lists you see here that do not have a date are lists that contain all the birds recorded for that particular area. In other words, before going to a particular location, you can create an area list that you then use to track your birds, rather then using the full Hemisphere, Country or State list. Once you get into the field it will be significantly faster if you use an area list (Less birds to go through). You can download some of these Area Lists from our website, or as mentioned you can create them ahead of time from existing checklists. You can also create a list of the birds you saw the first time you went to an area and then simply add birds to the list if you see a species that is not on the list the second time you visit the area creating your own personalized area list.