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We have done our very best to make our applications error free but even with the most thorough testing not all problems can be anticipated. If you find that you have a technical issue with one of our applications send us an email that includes any of the following information that is appropriate.

Application Name and Version; to find it, launch iTunes, click on Apps, select Big Lister, select Get Info from the File menu.

iOS Version; to find this, connect the device, launch iTunes, select the device, click Summary, look under iPod, note Software Version .

A short description of the problem that you are experiencing. Include a screenshot if it helps your description. To get a screenshot hold the ON/Off switch then click the Home Button. Attach the screenshot to the email.

If you received an error dialog while using one of our applications note the exact text in the error dialog as well as any error numbers that maybe included. A screenshot would be helpful here as well.

Technical Support Address:

Click here for a Walk Through of Big Lister for iOS.