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Big Lister (for iOS)

This fast access app keeps records of birds seen. It covers all of North, Central and South America, enabling you to narrow the choice of birds by country, fifty two countries in all. Furthermore within the USA it also allows you to narrow birds shown by State. When birding you can quickly get to the bird record, check it, get back to your binocs. No scrolling, no waiting for pictures to load, no connection needed. Save your lists and access them the next time you visit the same area. Birds can be listed either in taxonomic order or alphabeticly. Big Lister saves the date that a bird was first recorded in Big Lister creating a life list on the fly and allows you to attach a location description as well as a picture for each individual bird. Backup your lists to your desktop to make sure you don't lose them and carry only those lists you need for a particular field trip.

In addition to birds Big Lister also contains a database of Butterflies allowing you to keep records of Butterfly sightings in North America. But wait! Not only can you record Bird and Butterfly sightings but you can also make Grocery lists to keep your refrigerator stocked with goodies.

Big Lister works in both English and French.Buy Big Lister.

System requirements: iOS 7.0 and later, 5.4 MB of available hard disk space.


The birds in this screenshot are grouped alphabetically by family. So, for instance, a Tufted Titmouse would be found in the "Tits and Chickadees" family listing, tap Storm Petrels to Tropicbirds, then tap "Tits to Tityas", then tap "Tits and Chickadees", then tap "Red - Whi" and tap Tufted Titmouse to mark the bird.

Now this is rather tedious. There are two ways to speed this process. One is to shorten the list. The Americas list contains 10,682 species, shorten the list by selecting the country you are in and if in the USA the State you are birding. This will reduce the number of taps to get to the bird significantly.

An even faster method to checking off the Tufted Titmouse is to use the search bar. Type in "Titm" and tap Tufted Titmouse to mark the bird.


Your lists can be managed inside iTunes. Connect the device, select it and choose Apps. Scroll down to Filesharing and you will see Big Lister. When you select Big Lister all your lists will be shown. If you are going to Monterey Bay, California, for instance you may want to remove all the other lists except for Monterey Bay (Don't forget to save them first). You can then create a new list for each day that you are there without cluttering up your screen with lists you are not using while in California.