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Send us area lists. Send us Big Lister bird lists created in My Lists (files with extension .ult), for sharing with other birders that may want to visit your favorite birding place. Attach these lists to an email and send it to

Download area lists. These lists contain complete lists of a particular area or hotspot. Choose an individual list or download one of the packages.

Individual Lists

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Adak Island, AK Ten Most Popular Hotspots
Amagansett, NY Ten Americas Hotspots
Blackwater, MD
Cape May, NJ
Chiricahua, AZ
Costanera Sur, Argentina
Gamboa, Panama
Imataca, Venezuela
Iona Island, Canada
J.N. "Ding" Darling, FL
Languna Atascosa, TX
La Selva, Costa Rica
Long Lake, ND
Magee Marsh, OH
Monterey Bay, CA
Palenque, Mexico
Rio Cristalino, Brazil
Rio Maipo, Chile
Tikal, Guatemala
Tiputini, Ecuador